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Quality control of halal
in Scandinavia

About us

​Halal Quality Control Denmark, your shortest way to halal certification especially if you are in Scandinavia. We are next to you and ready to support you reaching the halal requirement, with globaly recognized certificate.

Our mission​

To SUPPORT different industrial sectors in reaching the halal requirements, in order to gain robust and stable access to the international market.​

Our vision

CREATE the future of halal certification services in the whole Europe, especially the Scandinavian region, to let all high-quality halal goods reach every place in the world.

Importance of Halas certificate​​​

For the halal products to PENETRATE countries all over the world, they have to be certified halal as halal certification is a means of ensuring reliability that they are complying with certain standards of Sharia, quality, safety, and hygiene.​​​​


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About us

Halal Quality Control Denmark helps you reach the halal requirement, with globaly recognized certificate.

We are based in Scandinavia but we help customers worldwide. 

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Halal Quality Control

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